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Copy of How To Use

Step 1 - Cleanse:

Start by cleansing your face, ensure all makeup and facial products are removed.

Step 2 - Tip selection:

When treating your skin, choose the customisable tip that works best for you or change tips depending on what you want to achieve. (for your first treatment start with the microcrystalline tip to exfoliate the dead skin cells).

Step 3 - Test time:

After selecting the lowest level of vacuum suction, gently run the handset over the back of your hand to test the sensitivity of your skin. Always allow the skin at least 5 minutes to react as the effects may not be immediately visible. Once the skin has settled and you have confirmed the treatments are comfortable, you can move to the next step!

Step 4 - Steaming:

To prepare your face for your treatment, start with a warm shower or place a warm towel on your face for 5-10 minutes to open up your pores, this helps you get the best possible results.

Step 5 - Set the mode:

The Belló Skin Microdermabrasion Kit is designed to polish away the outermost layer of the skin to rejuvenate and promote soft glowing skin. For your first treatment use the lowest level of suction or use the level you determined from step 3.

Step 6 - Treatment time:

Important tips to remember before you start your treatment:

  • The suction should never be too strong and you shouldn't apply pressure when treating yourself.
  • Don't keep the handset on one spot for a long period of time, this can cause bruising.
  • If you feel pain at any time during the treatment, stop immediately. This could mean you have selected the wrong suction level and is to harsh for your skin.
Be gentle on your skin it's delicate:
1. Use the setting you have deemed suitable for your skin type.
2. With your free hand, pull your skin taught.
3. Start at the bottom of your face and work your way up, remembering to glide the handset across your skin.
4. Softly glide the handset over the natural lines of your face.
5. All strokes should be smooth and gentle, don't apply pressure when treating.

6. Take your time with your first treatment. It will take you a couple goes to find the right angle that allows the handset to continue suction throughout the entire treatment.

Step 7 - Rejuvenating:
Finish your Belló Skin treatment by rinsing your face with cold water or holding a wet towel on your face. This will help tighten and close your pores to reduce potential re-clogging. After you've finished your treatment make sure you moisturise with your favourite products to leave your skin glowing and hydrated. Make sure to snap a selfie and tag @belloskinau on Instagram so we can see your results 😜 Don't forget to use the #belloskin on your post.
Handset Maintenance:
After each use remove the suction tips used during the treatment and clean thoroughly using warm water. It may be hard to reach some areas so we recommend using cotton earbuds to reach the tight spaces. Doing this prevents the chance of bacteria building up in the tips.
Charging your handset:
When charging you're handset, ensure that the wireless charger is connected to power. Place the handset on the wireless charging port and a small charging bar will appear on the handset.